Laara Gean

My Mission is to empower you to have a happier relationship with money from a holistic perspective. This includes exploring basic steps from balancing a check book to managing debt and embodying habits and beliefs that will help you increase your wealth and pave the way to freedom, not only financially, but in other areas of your life. You can have FREEDOM and HAPPINESS.

The focus of this Wealth Mastery is for you to become WEALTHY and to have a better relationship with what wealth really is! We will offer practical tips and techniques with a metaphysical underpinning. (e.g. saving and spending tips, as well as other techniques such as visualization and energetic clearing of blocks that may be sabotaging your success.)

To empower you to be financially literate and improve your wealth IQ regardless of your level of education.

Get ready for true financial transformation.

Your Host,
Laara Gean

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Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
6:00 PM Eastern (5:00 PM Central, 3:00 PM Pacific)
Starting... Monday October 1st, 2012
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These Are Your Experts (a $1800 value... yours for FREE)

Mahendra Trivedi
This Enlightened Master's energy transmissions have created miracles in peoples lives & all is scientifically
Michele Blood
Coauthor with Bob Proctor Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea of Unlimted Consciousness
Kimberley McGeorge
Dr. Kimberly has the ability to bring you into infinite vibration of potential & abundance
Mas Sajady
He has the amazing ability to connect you to your Pureness, your Pure Essence & then life flows
Cordelia Brabbs
She is a powerful healer who opens you up to manifest purpose
and prosperity
Belinda Rosenblum
CPA and Wealth Expert. Author Self Worth to Net Worth 12 Keys to Creating Wealth Inside Out.
Lorraine Cohen
Expert in Transforming Fear into POWER and removing barriers
to success.
Amethyst Wyldfyre
Empowered Messenger producer of the Feeling Safe Asking for Money program.
Norma Hollis
America's Leading Authentic Voice Doctor. Sharing in her story will inspire you
Jarrad Hewett
Empowerment Coach,
he facilitates
breaking through
limiting paradigms
Harrison Klein
Coach The Alignment Factor Effortless Abundance and Mastery. Owner of The Masters
Cory Michelle
Creator of Conscious 360 Certified Facilitator Access Consciousness. Her love for contributing to people
Kala H. Kos
International Empowerment Expert who has helped thousands to Bring Dreams into Reality
Brenda St. Louis
Creator of Debt into Delight Intensive Licensed Access Consciousness Facilitator international
Derek Rydall
The world’s #1 leading expert on THE LAW OF EMERGENCE & Emergineering
Susan Hayward
Her proprietary system, The PROTOCOL, blends the laws of energy to align your reality with your goals
Marian Edvardsen
Founder of Sterling Starlight Success. Dedicated to inspiring you to live your best life
Cheryl Campbell
Business Coach Author Relationship Marketing The New Entrepreneur. Her books are best sellers  
Rev. Anne Presuel
She works with spiritual entrepreneurs to bring their sacred gifts to the world and make money
Debbi Dachinger
An expert in goal achievement & coaching people to be an exquisite talent on radio.
Jeneth Blackert
Conscious Nutritionist & The Change Agent for health, wellness and bodies.
David Breslow
Host of "Your Personal Best" Radio & a
Nationally Recognized Speaker
Taylore Ashlie
She is a Master Healer, Shaman, Sage for Powerful Creative Women
on a Mission
Nan Akasha
Author Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind. Inspiring Speaker
Michelle Manning-Kogler
Author of Quantum Soul Clearing Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul Founder Quantum Soul
Debra Poneman
She has taught New York Times best-selling authors, millionaires & billionaires and world leaders
Dr. Newton Kondaveti
Metaphysical Teacher, a Spiritual Scientist, & specialist in Past Life Regression Therapy

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FREE 10-Week Interview Series
Worth $1,800

Yes, Laara! Please reserve my spot at your FREE 10-Week Interview Series and RUSH me my Access Codes and my 6 amazing Bonus Gifts.

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Bonus Gift #1
The Science Of Getting Rich
by Wallace D. Wattles

Use The Law Of Attraction and find out HOW to think and Act in The Certain Way. This Book has inspired millions worldwide including the great Bob Proctor, Loyd Conant to start Nightingale Conant, and Rhonda Byrne to create "The Secret" which was based upon this book. BRAND NEW A Powerful Audio version on 3 CDs read by Michele Blood. If you desire to create more money into your life this NEW audio book will inspire and teach you how to do so. Use The Law Of Attraction and find out HOW to think and Act in The Certain Way.

Bonus Gift #2
Marbeth Dunn - Joy and Your Wealth

Marbeth teaches people how to get into the creative and energetic flow of joy. In this interview Marbeth shares how she was able to overcome the feelings of grief and of being a victim when she realized that she was fully empowered to make decisions that would lead to more desired outcomes. By making that conscious decision to choose she is now able to live the rich, full and joyful life she now enjoys. The tools which she uses include, bridging exercises and the use of questions. She combines her mastery of energy and consciousness shifting modalities to effectively help clients experience profound shifts to create joy and richness in their lives.

Bonus Gift #3
Iqbal Ishani Iqbalance - How to use simple Qi Gong exercises to maintain balance and relief stress in our busy worlds

Iqbal shares his experiences of moving from his long standing career in the Film Industry to his new life's path as a Qi Gong and Qi Yoga Master. He combines the exercises of Qi Gong with music to help clients gain a deeper, peaceful state of relaxation at conscious and subconscious levels. Iqbal describes that good health is a result of free flowing, well-balanced energy system and that regular practice of Qi Gong helps to cleanse the body of toxins, restore energy and reduce stress and anxiety.

Bonus Gift #4
Debbie Rosenfelt - From Trauma to Self Acceptance

Debbie is the founder and CFO (Chief Heart Officer). After many years in the corporate world she became a Solopreneur and spends her time helping individuals take charge of their businesses. Her methods of coaching help business owners approach their activities with a game plan as that of a CFO. A tragic event in her life, made Debbie more reflective and increased her awareness to a point where she is more accepting of herself and others. Debbie discusses that because of simple daily rituals she performs she was able to come from a place of gratitude rather than judgment.

Bonus Gift #5
Jarrad Hewett - The Ascension Facilitator

Bestselling author of: "Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation. Jarrad's mission is to help others expand and break through limiting paradigms so that they can live an empowered, free and joyful life. In this interview, Jarrad shares in his fun casual conversation style, how he was able to free himself of disease and be more at peace with himself by changing his level of vibration. He explains that we can change our personal story and take steps to create the happiness that we desire when we become aware that we can and do create our reality. Jarrad explains that if we focus on what feels right for us we can go from a feeling of lack to a feeling of abundance and joy to increase our level of vibration.

Bonus Gift #6
Be A Magnet To Money
by Bob Proctor & Michele Blood

This amazing program by Star of "The Secret" Bob Proctor with Michele Blood is a MUST for anyone wishing to understand in detail the Law Of Attraction PLUS it gives you the Tools to begin to attract Money and Success. Money is Freedom-Freedom to live out your dreams, freedom to travel this beautiful world.

I'm so looking forward to interacting with you on these interviews.

Laara Gean
Teleseminar Host
Breakthrough to a Better Wealth IQ